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Belief Reprogramming

What is a “Belief Reprogramming” Session

            Offered by Tamara Ward at The Divine Mine North Location

One of the services I offer is a modality called “TAT Belief Reprogramming”. This modality works harmoniously with my certification in Acupressure & Meridian Therapy as well as my Master level Usui Reiki & Master level Karuna Reiki. 

TAT Belief Reprogramming is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and allows information and energy to be processed by the body-mind system in MINUTES! It was originally designed to heal allergies; however the underlying psychological traumas revealed during treatment sessions inspired the original founder to extend the application to mental health professionals.

The client holds key points at the front of the head and at the base of the skull. Simply by focusing and holding these points on the face where many meridians merge, the client opens up the flow of held information and stagnant energy. The technique allows the brain and body to process the stored information and make the necessary adjustments. As the meridian energy gets unstuck, the body-mind eliminates the symptom being treated. This procedure involves putting attention on the negative condition and then the “antidote” condition (not always the opposite, but is an antidote to the negative belief being held). The is then lead through the reprogramming process and ends with a forgiveness statement. In minutes the client accesses the disturbance and experiences a shift dissolving emotional and physical distress. Upon completion of the technique, recalling the limiting belief or experiencing the disturbing situation will no longer present a problem.

What is involved in a Session?

In a Belief Reprogramming Session, we begin by doing simple techniques to balance out the body and left/right brain hemispheres. Thereafter we address any limiting beliefs that are ready to be shifted, and utilize the TAT Belief Reprogramming processes as described above. Finally, a brief Reiki session is incorporated to align the energetic centers to the new positive belief system. This ensures an ease of transition into your new “reality”. 

Why getting a session important?

A belief reprogramming session will assist you in conquering stress and support you in enhancing your personal empowerment by removing any limiting programming you’re carrying. You leave the session with a sense of vitality and self-confidence.

  • Post author
    Adam Berti