• September New Moon: CENTER IN POLARITY
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September New Moon: CENTER IN POLARITY

By Tamara Ward - Medium, Tarot Reader & Reiki Master

The upcoming new moon September 1st brings with it the message of unity within duality.

Consider negative and positive beliefs as opposite polarities. I have facilitated “Belief Reprogramming” for years and have liberated myself and my clients into whole new heights. Some people are very attached to their limiting belief, and can’t even fathom an alternate perspective. I’ve seen situations where the person is so adamant that ‘this is the truth’, that they are prepared to battle to hold their limitation!! These tough nugget beliefs are easy to recognize because you’ll find the word “never” in the related statement. Fully embracing the situation creates a shift in this kind of thinking.

Understand that when I say “fully”, I mean all of it, including the flip side of your belief coin. For example, if you have firm beliefs such as “I’ll never make it on time”, or “I’ll never lose that last 10 lbs.”, you’ve stunted all other possibilities from happening. When we are willing to explore all aspects, we open ourselves to possibilities never previously considered.

Thought is energy. When you have that negative thought or belief, it creates an emotional response which sets the vibration in your body and energy fields. It will always resonate in harmony with that originating thought! The response your body creates when impacted by the thought relates to Newton’s third law of physics which states:

“in every interaction, there is a pair of forces (your level of emotional investment) acting on the two interacting objects (never/possible beliefs). The size of the forces on the first object (“Never” ) equals the size of the force on the second object (“Possible” ). The direction of the force on the first object is opposite to the direction of the force on the second object. (Block) Forces always come in pairs - equal and opposite action-reaction force pairs.” 

Your level of emotional investment in the negative belief is, in fact, the very block to the possibility of the opposite outcome! This is how we get our own way. So why then are you constantly investing in only the one side? With the willingness to consider the equal opposite of your limiting belief, you have opened your energy to the possibility that “I will make it on time!”, and that there is a distinct and real possibility that “I can lose that last 10lbs!” It all starts with the willingness to see the other side that inspires the crack in the resistance block for the positive outcome to manifest through.

In honoring both sides of the same belief, there is less emotional charge to either perspective and this inspires an automatic response that brings you easily into center. It simply “IS”. Therein lays your empowerment!

Once you’ve achieved that centered state on the very belief you once held as a “never”, you’ve created the opportunity for energy to flow into the positive side of that same belief… and THAT is where miracles are made.

The energy of the new moon is a fresh lunar cycle, meaning we can set our intentions on a clean slate. The polarity balancing energy of September gives us the perfect opportunity to blast through those “never” beliefs and really go for the gold in our manifesting! Create your own personal miracles!!

Tamara Ward is available for belief reprogramming/energy alignment sessions at Divine Mine – North. Please contact the store at (403) 375-0585 to book your appointment.

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