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Spotlight on Services

Have you ever wondered who your spirit guides are?  Have you wondered if they have anything to tell you?  Do you have questions for them?  Through the wonderful relaxed state of hypnosis you can meet your spirit guides and Angels. 

The purpose of this session is to communicate with your spirit guides and/or guardian angels.  Prior to the session you will want to think of a question that you may have for your guides, this can be a general question such as "What would you like me to know?"  or as detailed and specific as you would like  "What is my life purpose and how do I begin to follow my path?"   

Your job during the session is to just listen and relax.  My job is to walk you through the relaxation techniques which allows you to get to a place where you can easily communicate with your guides.   This is accomplished through a technique called hypnosis.  This is completely safe and a naturally occurring state. 

Facilitator: Kristyne Dahl - M.H., C.Ht. - Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor 
2 hour session....................................$150 (At our south location)

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