Advanced Chakra Healing Workshop

The Advanced Chakra Healing class is designed to share with you skills and techniques so that you may help to clear and balance the chakras for others.

You are required to have taken the Chakra Healing workshop to attend this class.

In this class you will:

-Review the 7 main Chakras & Transpersonal Chakras.
-Review how to scan the chakras and connect to them when working on other people.
-Learn energy healing techniques to clear and balance and recharge the chakras for other people.

There will be lots of interactive activities to build upon your experience.

-Please dress comfortable & bring a water bottle or favourite travel mug.
- If you have a pendulum please bring it, however there will be ones available to use for the class and purchase if you desire.
- It is suggested to bring a notebook and something to write with if you would like to take notes. You will be provided with a workbook that covers the class material.

Sunday March 29, 2020; 6:30p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Divine Mine North Location: 8650 112 Ave NW, Calgary, AB
Investment for this class is $69+tax ($72.45) paid on day of the workshop
To register call the store at 403-375-0585