Astrology Readings

Hello my fellow travellers. My name is Colleen Jorgensen. I’m your Astrologer Psychic Medium.

Astrology is the study of the Universe and each one of us has a unique signature due to the positioning of the skies at the time of your birth. This signature is the road map of your life’s journey. The Astrology reading allows you to see into your psychic, but it also allows you to see into the events which are transpiring within your life and where you are heading too. When things are beginning and when they are ending.

Ancient Astrological Reading: The Way it Used to be Done. Most popular.

Years ago, before we had clocks and locations of birth, we as Astrologers could and would give a reading for people using a form of Horary Astrology. Nobody use to know what time they were born or where they were born. We could have been born on the Oregon trail, or in the backwoods of a mountain range. This reading is as accurate as the modern more traditional readings in Astrology. It covers your cycles, what’s happening now, and what’s happening in the future. We will delve into you, your relationships, your financial stability, that career of yours, your family dynamic, your groups, and friends. Along with your education/travel, your health/healing or how you express your own points of view.

Everything in Astrology is the evolution of your life’s Journey and how you are reacting to the unfolding of your Journey. Everything in Astrology is the understanding of self positioned at the center of your universe. How are you reaction to these stimuli? In this chart reading, I will be delving into when things are happening, when you should act on something and when things are beginning or ending.

In this reading and with all my readings. Spirit is ever present, working through me via channeling & mediumship. When they are speaking or working, it is important to listen, because these are the Messages. The spiritual guidance beyond ourselves.

Tarot Cards are also used periodically for clarification from Spirit.

Messages from Spirit are also given to the client to take home with them as a token from Spirit.

Readings: Hour: $120.00 Two Hour: $180.00

Horary Astrology Readings: A Need to Know

Horary is the answer to your question. I will answer a specific question you have in relation to any area of life you are dealing with. This is a great way of getting the answers you need in a more in-depth manner. The answer is revealed in the stars. It shows the events or energy surrounding the question and what you are missing in the question. Along with the timing of when things will begin or end. Reading: Hour: $120.00 

Traditional Astrology Reading:

Requirements: Birthdate, Birthtime, and Location of birth (which can be the closest city or town). If you don’t have a birthtime we will use a traditional time for a point reference. Generally, 12 noon or 12 midnight. If need be, we can do a rectification as to the time of your birth to discover the correct Ascendant Rising sign.

Together we can discover your path forward, backwards, or what is happening now. The Natal chart is a snapshot of where the planets were positioned at the time of your birth. This chart sets the stage when things will be triggered within your life. It’s the backdrop and can be exact in your talents, your interests, and interactions with life itself.

But life moves on, and so do the planets within your chart. Your Sun moves at a rate of 1 degree per every year of your life. The Moon circles this Astro map within a 30-year span, allowing you to experience all of what life has to hold and where your interest peak. The other planets move slower. As these planets begin to move your life forward, they trigger various planets within your Natal chart. Creating events to transpire. This chart is known as the Progressed Chart.

I combine the Progressed Chart with the Natal Chart, to find out how you are progressing in life, what things are happening. What is coming in or leaving the life’s journey.

Then we use the Transits of the swifter moving planets & asteroids. These are the trigger energies. These swift moving planets signal the Moon moving every 2.5 days or that Jupiter will be moving into Pisces or that the Sun is in Taurus on it’s yearly circling of the earth. These planets trigger things within the chart. They act as a timing mechanism.

This will give you a complete Reading of your Life’s Journey. Messages from Spirit given as a token from Spirit.

This Reading requires a 2-hour session: $250.00

Compatibility Charts: Partner Readings

Bring your partner’s information and your own and lets find out how compatible you are with one another. I will combine these two birth charts to discover what areas could be favourable and easy flowing. Along with what areas could be challenging. In fact, bring your partner with you, in this unique reading. Whether your married, engaged or dating. This will give you some insight to each other’s energies and who they inter-relate with one another. Single: $120.00 Hour: Partner: $240.00

Locational and Electional Astrological Readings:

Locational Astrology is used to discover what places are connecting with your Energetically. You at the time of your birth, have your own Lye Lines. Various areas in the world create positive or perhaps negative energies for you if you are on one of those Lines. It’s a great way to find out where is the best location for a vacation, or to marry, or where you should be living if you want to tap into a specific area of life. Where would you meet your next relationship, where is the best location for your career and where is the best place to encompass the best energy possible within your life. Readings: Two Hours Only: $240.00

Election Astrology is a form of timing. As an Astrologer, we review various dates and times to pick the best time to create an event within your life. Perhaps you’d like to get married. Every time you do something significant like starting a new job, to moving to beginning a relationship. It creates a chart. It is this chart which sets the events within these areas of life into motion. Certain things of course are often out of our control, like births. However, some things are within our control and we should take the advantage of the knowledge at our disposal.
Readings: Two Hours Only: $240.00

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