Chakra Balancing


~  C H A K R A   B A L A N C I N G  ~

• First of all, what are "Chakras" ? 

They are vortices of energy throughout the body, each with an specific vibrational frequency, metaphysically linked with a number of different systems within the body - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

• Why Balancing our chakras?  

It allows us to attune or balance specific areas of our bodies that might be "out of whack" in different energetic levels.

• Why Balancing our Chakras with Crystal Healing?

Although there are many ways to balance our chakras, these energy vortices show an amazing response to crystals. You see, our electromagnetic fields are very easily influenced by energy (we have a low resistance to entropy, therefore we can easily get out of balance), but crystals have higher frequencies and a very high resistance to entropy. So, by placing a crystal (higher frequency / amplitude) on top of our chakra (lower frequency than the crystal), the energy of the crystal will influence our energy and raise it to meet its own, reducing the entropy and therefore balancing and harmonizing the chakra & our electromagnetic field. Isn't that amazing?

In a chakra balancing session, we’ll work on a special chakra balancing crystal layout along with other healing techniques to re-align energetic frequencies, re-tune emotions, and/or remove possible energetic blockages. This therapy allows for soul learning, healing, personal and spiritual growth. After the session, we’ll create a crystal healing plan focusing on an intention of your choice and needs. You'll also receive a digital image of your layout for you to keep close and continue/expand the healing process.

Crystals are wonderful high frequency energy tools and gifts from Mama Gaia with different vibrations, that assist us in retuning and balancing our energetic fields. They can increase and enhance our wellbeing, offer us guidance, help us balance our emotions and much more.

~ Let me share their Blessings with you ~

Facilitator: Ana Laura Pino ~ Crystal Soul

**Ana is also fluent in Spanish if you would prefer to have your reading in your native language.

90 min __________ $122


• What to expect? 

Each crystal healing session begins the same, but the direction it takes will change based on your needs and the guidance received during the healing process.  

On your very first session, at the beginning, I will conduct a thorough intake process. This entails my review of your health intake form and a discussion of your intentions, desires, goals, and expectations for this session. I advice that you arrive 15 minutes early to begin this process. As you fill your paperwork out, I will energetically prepare the space for your session by smudging, praying and connecting with spirit. We will discuss emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges you may be facing during this time. 

When it is time to begin, I will ask you to remove your shoes, jewelry (specially if it has crystals), and any crystals you may be carrying your pockets. You will lay on the massage table fully clothed. I’ll place an eye pillow over the eyes, and cover you with a blanket. I’ll initiate the energy work with a prayer and a short meditation to get

you in an alpha state to facilitate healing. I will go quiet and check your chakras with a pendulum, and begin placing stones on the body. At this time I usually take notes of any intuitive messages I may receive and of what I have perceived as a healer during session. 

It’s important to keep in mind that at times during the session emotions may arise as crystal healing can release both physical and emotional blockages in the body. These releases can be physical (stomach rumbling, gas, or burping), emotional (crying or laughing), or spiritual (feeling outside of your body, astral traveling.) - Don’t worry, these kinds of releases are completely normal, though do not always happen. I advise on not holding back as they’re a manifestation of the healing that is taking place. 

To conclude the energy work, I'll gently ring a bell a few times and I’ll clean your auric field with a Selenite wand. When you are finished, I will provide you with a cup of water or and we will discuss what I did during the session, my notes (messages received, observations of your chakras, etc.) and any sensations or messages you may have received. At this point we’ll set your healing plan and I’ll suggest some “homework” (relaxing salt bath, crystal mojo bag, meditations, crystal grids, etc.) to continue/expand the healing process.