Colour Reiki

A brief introduction on Colour Therapy - Colour Therapy is the practice of using colours to assist balancing out your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual body. Colour Therapy has been practiced through out the centuries and is only now starting to come back into our daily lives. Psychologists use colour to determine certain personality characteristics and to draw out hidden emotions that are being buried. Our random attractions to specific colours is related to our sub-conscious mind, this is one way our sub-conscious mind communicates with us in our day to day life. Energetically we need all colours of the spectrum to be balanced. There are a variety of modalities used in Colour Therapy; colour counselling, art therapy, colour touch, colour acupuncture, silk scarf therapy, aura readings, chakra tuning, crystal healing, spinal dowsing, aromatherapy and much much more. Our everyday life is consistently working with colours, from the foods we eat, the colours we wear, the colours we choose to decorate with, colour of our car and even the moods we give off. ("I'm feeling blue today"). 

How colour therapy works are the vibrations and frequencies each colour gives off. From the highest vibrations of the colour Red (lowest frequency) to the lowest vibration the colour Magenta (highest frequency). Each colour can effect our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. The vibrations are absorbed through our eyes and skin, working with our cellular and chemical compounds within our bodies. Colours are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, called the visible spectrum. This is where light is projected into our eyes and our retina responds to the colour range. Colour is what is interpreted from our brains from these visible vibration wavelengths. 

Colour Reiki - This is a combination of using colour and reiki. Both of these alternative therapies consist of channeling life energy through the hands of the therapist. This treatment will release blockages of energy and balance any inharmonious rhythms allowing the recipient to assimilate the energy being channeled. When this treatment is being done, all colours of the spectrum are being used. Colours are sent to specific systems of the physical body in conjunction with the aura and working with our chakras. The colours being channeled are both the treatment colour and complementary colour. (Complementary colour is the opposite colour of any specific colour, ie. Red is complementary to blue.) When practicing traditional reiki, white light is most commonly used. Colour reiki, we use the whole rainbow spectrum.

Please make sure to wear white clothing during this session as the coloured clothes will prevent the benefits of the silk scarves. We also have white scrubs clients can wear.

At the end of each session, clients will be provided some solarized water. (Which is water that has absorbed solar energy from within a coloured glass bottle.)

60 minutes - $80


Adelle Rodger - Certified Palmist & Reiki Master