Crystal Energy Healing

Placing crystals on the body and using crystals to direct and move energy is an ancient form of energy healing dating back thousands of years, yet still practiced today. Crystals have a perfect internal lattice that resonates at various frequencies and offers a positive effect on the human body, which is essentially a liquid crystal itself. Using the crystals in a focused and concentrated way is an excellent method to reduce stress, realign the chakras, increase feelings of well-being, and strengthen our immune system. It can sometimes induce a meditative state that is carefully guided by the practitioner to help the client release pent up emotions that echo in our physical bodies as illness or pain. Regular clearing of the chakras (which is just a fancy ancient name for our thyroid and other glands of the endocrine system) improves our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Please remember, crystals work hand-in-hand with modern medicine to increase positive results and are never to be used in place of a medical doctor's care.

60 minute massage ............................................. $80


Adria Laycraft - Crystal Healing Practitioner