Crystal Magic Workshop

Do you want to learn more about crystals, how to connect with them and bring their magic and uplifting energies into your life? Do you want to learn about the science behind working with crystals and how they influence our lives?

Whether you’re completely new to crystals or have had them in your life for a while, the "Crystal Magic: An introduction to crystals” workshop is for you! Ana, from Crystal Soul, will share her knowledge and tools for you to gain a deeper understanding and a stronger connection with crystals.

We will learn about crystals and their magic, how to connect, work, and incorporate them into our daily routines and spiritual paths.


• The science behind crystals: How they work and how they affect and benefit our bodies and the environment.
• Their associations and effects on the chakras.
• How to pair crystals for specific intentions.
• A group meditation and tips on how to connect with the crystal spirits for guidance, healing, and growth.
• How to incorporate crystals on your daily routines and spiritual practice.
• How to “re-tune” your crystals.
• A beginner's crystal kit suggestion for those who are starting to know crystals.


A crystal for you to connect during our meditation to continue the magic.

A detailed booklet created by Ana with the information and highlights covered in the workshop.

NOTE: This workshop is part of a Crystal series of workshops we will be hosting - Dates TBA soon.

Future workshops:

- The Power of Crystal Grids.
- Crystal Healing for the Chakras.
- Gem Elixir's Magic: Crystal Infused Water.

This event is open to absolutely everyone who's interested.
There's no previous experience or knowledge required.
Seats are limited, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible!

We can’t wait to share some Crystal Magic with you!


- Date: December 7th, 2019
- Time: 6:30pm - 9pm
- Free parking.


We are located in Royal Oak Park
Bay 3113, 8650 - 112th Avenue NW,
Calgary, AB T3R 0R5

Phone: (403) 375-0585
Email: northstore@divinemine.com



Ana Laura Pino ~ Crystal Soul

I am love, magic, light, one with nature, and an expression of the divine. I am all I am, all I've been and all I wish to be. I am Crystal Soul ~

I am a certified crystal healer, passionate, believer in faeries, creative artist / graphic designer and crystal child empath dedicated to helping people follow their hearts and find + feel the beauty that exists in as all. My purpose is to serve, through different means, as a loving and healing channel for people to re-connect to their soul, their hearts, their magic and their own journey as energetic beings of light incarnated here on Mama Gaia. Crystal Soul is not only the essence of what I love to do and create, but also of who I am.

I am in my own journey of self-discovering, harnessing my true power, living my life to the fullest potential and always following my heart. I am in my own path to healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allow me to join you on your journey to grow, heal and love together ~

Offerings at our store:

Chakra Balancing
Chakra Immersion Session ~ *Add on service
Crystal Intention Layout
Distance Crystal Healing
Distance Animal Healing
Crystal Grid Consultation

You can connect with Ana via instagram @crystalsoul__ to learn more about crystal healing and her beautiful creations.