Gateway Dreaming


• Learn what dreams are (from the viewpoints of scientists, psychologists, shamans, and mystics).
• Understand how to recall dreams.
• Discover what you can use to aid the dream state, such as special stones, essential oils, herbs, bells, and symbols.
• Learn feng shui and space-clearing secrets to promote dreaming.
• Develop the skill of astral travel and lucid dreaming.
• Use dreams to connect with your angels, animal totems, and master guides.
• Connect with loved ones who have passed on.
• Have prophetic dreams and know if your dream is a true "seeing."
• Gain mystical messages.
• Activate special talents and abilities.
• Use your dreams to overcome fears and phobias.
• Activate your Dream Shield and meet your Dream Guide.
• Learn sacred dream ceremonies.
• Learn the most common dreams and their meanings.
• Bell clearing techniques for deepening dreams.
• Become a night healer.

Students will also discover how to incubate and program dreams for:

• Past-life exploration
• Healing themselves and others
• Far-viewing
• Manifesting their desires
• Shapeshifting
• Earth healing
• Chakra balancing
• Finding a soul mate in their dream state before meeting in person

You will learn to decipher the meanings of dreams with several tools:

• How to use oracle cards for dream interpretation.
• The mystical use of a dream journal.
• The art of gestalting a dream.
• The power of "drawing" the dream.
• Ways to create and use a dream dictionary.
• Free association.
• The Replay Method.
• Moon cycles and seasons and their impact on dreams.
• The special meanings of colors.
• The meaning of numbers.
• Ancient Chinese Clock Dream Interpretation.

You will also learn:

• How to open the Dream Gateway for others.
• Special techniques for working with clients one-on-one.
• Ways to teach your students to integrate the messages they receive into their lives.
• How to train your students to become Night Healers.
• Techniques for doing Dream Collages with your students.
• Special techniques for giving lectures about dreaming.

Upon successful fulfillment of the course requirements, you will be awarded with a beautiful, professional Certificate of Completion, which is made by Denise Linn from Hay House. If you wish to be able to teach this course material in the future you will need to send Denise Linn a copy of your Certificate as well as a signed license agreement (provided in this course).

To learn more about Denise Linn visit: www.deniselinn.com

Facilitator: Hannah Luft
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Cost: $262.50