We will uncover your unique connection with your intuitive sense, discuss discernment of ego vs. intuition, identify what energy is meant for us to tune into, and what is not intended for us to interpret. This awareness will enhance self confidence as well as your intuitive self and is a useful tool in living our authenticity as intended in our life purpose. By hearing (and following) your intuitive guidance, answers to your purpose, your path are clearer, and decisions made are in harmony to that flow. It is key in living life from your Authentic self. While handouts will be provided, it is recommended you bring a notebook and pen for this intensive learning. As class starts promptly at 6:30, please arrive 15 minutes early to attend to registration and get settled in.

Facilitator: Tamara Ward
Cost: $52.50
Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm
Location: The Divine Mine North, 3113, 8650 - 112th Avenue NW

To register please call 403-375-0585.