Introduction to the Runes

The Elder Futhark were an ancient and once popular way of divination for the peoples of Northern Europe, and was one of the earliest alphabets used for writing. Each rune mark also represents a Norse God or Goddess, a crystal, and an  astrological sign, adding layers to the meanings represented by the rune letter itself. Come learn a bit of the history, styles, variations, and uses of Norse runes, and discover why they are still popular today. We will also look at ways to make or choose your own rune set, and briefly cover the primary thematic meaning of each symbol. A handout of the 24 runes and their meanings will be available.

Time 6:30 - 9:30pm 
Facilitator: Adria Laycraft
Cost: $52.50

Space is limited, please call 279-9555 to book your seat.