I AM grateful and honoured to have this opportunity to provide heArt based transformational healing services here in this Sacred space, Divine Mine.

As a holistic healing practitioner, I become a pure conduit for Source Consciousness.  Our Higher Selves connect with Source consciousness to allow all communication and healing to to be revealed and received for your highest good and the good of all involved.

Each Spiritual Journey is unique and personal based on where you are. I believe we are ALL connected by Divine Source; the very Spark of Light within that moves us in our every day lives. With each thought, feeling, vision, emotion, inspiration, movement, interaction, decision,  choice and experience we co-create with the Universe (Multi-verse).

These Services are designed to promote Self Awareness, Self Healing, and Self empowerment through fostering a deeper connection to your Higher Self and your Spiritual the truth of who you are and reclaim your power to BE empowered and enlightened to enjoy more living rather than existing from old beliefs, and learned human limitations.

Each journey may vary with the healing modalities, instruments, crystals, alchemy crystal singing bowls and tools used based on what is intuitively guided for each individual.


In the privacy of the sacred space, we will chat a little bit about you and your current circumstances. connect our higher selves and set the intention to receive any and all messages form Source for your highest good, and and the good of all involved in your Life.

Once you are comfortable on the treatment table, you will be enveloped in a symphony of high frequency instruments including a variety of alchemy crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, feathers and chimes that will awaken your soul, ignite your senses and raise your vibration. With your permission you may also receive BodyTalk, EFT, Reiki, Light Code Activation, and misc non-invasive techniques practiced within your journey. There may be Light touch or no touch required. Sound healing goes beyond the perception or conception of the mind and straight to the areas of need, to return the body(s) to balance and overall sense of well-BEing. The enchanting song of the crystal bowls and instruments seems to awaken an ancient remembering , touching the essence of the soul to feel forever transformed.  It is not uncommon to have the presence of past loved ones, Angelic and Ascended Master Deities in the room assisting in your healing, and providing messages.

The innate wisdom of our bodies knows how to heal itself, and in the simplest terms supports  if the mind can think it, and the heart can feel it, the body can heal it.This intuitive sound healing journey is designed for ALL. No matter where you are on your path.  You can experience a deeper connection to your unique higher self and spirit guides, to create a sense of clarity, balance and empowerment promoting transformational healing and your Infinite connection to One Consciousness and the Universe.

If you are seeking truth, personal enlightenment, raising your consciousness and frequency to experience more in 5D to ascend into new experiences, this journey will support your growth and expansion. Your intuition will always guide you to what will serve you.

There are many blessings and higher guidance received during this experiential journey.  To close your journey, a card is pulled from one of the spiritual decks to inspire, motivate and affirm moving forward. Most participants enjoy sharing their personal experience for a few minutes after their journey and have shared they feel more relaxed, lighter, rejuvenated, grounded, clear, centred, balanced, connected, relieved, joyful, comforted, excited and as if they have come home, after their journey.

This journey can be highly beneficial if you are experiencing:
  • Career or relationship transition
  • transformation/ascension symptoms
  • Feeling depressed and stuck where you are
  • Lack of Personal empowerment
  • Difficulty in Decision making
  • Lack of Clarity in your Divine Purpose
  • Chronic pain and uncertainty
  • Desire for Affirmation that you are exactly where you are meant to be
  • Exhaustion and un-motivation, lack of desire

TRUST your intuitive guidance, it will always bring you to what you need.


Intuitive Soul-to-soul Sound Healing Journey with Colleen Hurley
90 minutes $125 


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