Life Bliss Meditation


Meditation is for You!

This meditation series is meant to support people in all areas of life. Whether it is to reduce stress and anxiety levels, to clear depression, to change imbalanced sleeping patterns, to induce accelerated physical healing or to clear the energy field and energy centers; the meditation offered on this evening can help with all of the above.

Life Bliss Meditation, in Sanskrit called Nithya Dhyaan, is a dynamic meditation technique that has been designed by a living enlightened master from India called Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The meditation consists of 5 parts, each part complementing each other. The meditation is designed to experience and hold the state of Eternal Bliss – Nithya Ananda, which is our true nature.
In Nithyananda’s own words: “Nithya Dhyaan is a formula and a technique that works on the entire being to transform it and make it ready for the ultimate experience of enlightenment. Each segment of this unique technique complements the other steps to help raise the individual consciousness.”

Human beings have seven energy centers, each energy center is associated with a particular emotion. The emotions are: lust, fear, worry, attention-need, jealousy, ego and discontent. We experience life based on how much the chakras are affected by these emotions. In this way our life is driven by those emotions. By awakening the chakras, like we do through this meditation, you will be released from the mental setup of these emotions, thus freeing yourself from unconscious living and descision making.

Anybody can benefit from this meditation, no meditation experience is necessary. Meditation is followed by free energy healing for those who are interested.

Time 7:00 - 9:00pm
Facilitator: Ma Ananda Sangavasini
Cost: By donation

Please call 403-279-9555 to reserve your spot at the south location. We do require that you register for our events so that we may prepare for the number of attendants as well as we know who to call should any changes have to occur to the event - thank you!