Madeleine Beaton

Madeleine has been employed in the spiritual field for over a decade. In that time doing readings, she found herself holding the lantern for people to look at what they need to heal. She then broadened her skill set by studying herbalism, reiki and yoga. After using these skills to overcome her own deepest traumas she discovered her vocation, she would help others to do the same. Once we release the burden of our past we are free to live the life we used to dream of. 

Using an innovative combination of reiki, tarot and guided meditation she helps her clients to unburden themselves of their heaviest emotional and spiritual baggage. As a Reiki master she also provides traditional Reiki healings to align the chakras and bring balance to the spiritual body. Through psychic readings she helps people to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. 

Madeleine offers the following services at our north location; tarot readings, Reiki Assisted Shadow Work, Reiki Energy Healing, and Tea Leaf Reading.

You can call our north location at 403-375-0585 to book an appointment with Madeleine.