Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites

The Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites Attunement course is based on a traditional initiation practice of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru; Inca descendants. The 9 Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites are energetic seeds that are attuned within ones energy body which increases ones healing ability, intuition, feelings of being protected, balance with the elements, and connects one to the ancient lineages of Shamanic Healers, Power Animals, Ancient Archetypes, the Daykeepers, Starkeepers, and Earthkeepers. The aspects of the Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites include: 9 Attunements with Students Pi Stone or Special Stone of Theirs, Instruction and Practice on how to Germinate the 9 Rites/Seeds, Instruction on How to Make and Open/Close an Munay-Ki Scared/Medicine Altar, Instruction on How to Perform a Fire Ceremony, Instruction on How to Perform and Practice Shamanic Ceremonies, Instruction on How to Perform a Shamanic Chakra Cleanse, and Instruction on How to Teach The Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites.

Please Bring: Pi Stone or a Special Stone that Means a lot to You.

Included: 90 page class manual through e-mail and a certificate.

Instructor: Hannah Luft
Cost: $250 + GST
Location: The Divine Mine. Call 279-9555 to register, space is limited.