New Moon - Alchemy Through Sound


New Moon Sound Bath & Energy Healing
Date: Tuesday, December 12th; 6:30 - 8:00pm
Cost: $65 (shamanic healing and sound meditation)
Facilitator:  Sabrina and Kaitlin

Embark on a transformative sound bath for the New Moon in Sagittarius. Set intentions in a space adorned with crystals and candles, be whisked away in sacred smoke and incense, and bathed in the sound waves of the crystal bowls, chimes, crystal tuning forks, and more! . Receive deep healing and relaxation to help clear blockages, embrace new beginnings, and align with the archer's quest for truth. Conclude with a grounding meditation, carrying the vibrational resonance into the lunar cycle ahead. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket, pillows, water, and anything that will make you feel most comfortable for this alchemical experience.