OGHAM: Celtic tree magic

Nature is our greatest teacher and the trees speak to us. They hold the wisdom of the ages and with the help of the Ogham we can access and process that information and use it to enrich our lives. 

Ogham is a early medieval alphabet that dates back to the 4th century CE and specimens have been found throughout Ireland and Western Britain with the largest concentration of specimens found in Wales.

This course will not only teach you about each of the Trees represented in the Ogham, but also show you their associated totems, deities and offer some different rituals and ways to connect and honour each of the Trees.

We will also be following the Lunar calendar orientation of the trees and where they are represented during the Wheel of the Year so you can build a yearly study with the ogham if you so choose.

The course will be split up into 4 workshops; one for each aicme of the feda. With a 5th course dedicated to the extra (forfeda) trees and how to use the Ogham for divination. We will also be making our own set of beginner Ogham sticks during the wrap up class and learning a simple casting technique and how to interpret.

Come sit with a hedge druid and hear tales of the trees and their Spirits. 

Level 1: Aicme Beith: 

Level 2: Aicme Huathe;

Level 3: Aicme Muin & review:

In this class you will learn the divinatory meaning behind each of the tree letters in the first three Aicme (Aicme Beth, Húath and Muin) as well as how those tree energies tie into the thirteen lunations of the Celtic year. 

We will also have a meditation to honour the Lunation coming next, Nuin. A tree whose energy works with transition, balance and big ideas- an excellent lunation for starting new projects. 

This level is open to everyone! If you’ve ever had an interest in connecting with nature and tree energy, this is the class for you!

Level 4: Aicme Ailim;

Level 5: Forfeda & bringing it all together.