Pink Full Moon Meditation

The pink full moon is the representation of the beginning of spring, a native name which represents the colour of early bloom of the pink phlox. (This moon is also called the egg moon or the sprouting grass moon.) The beginning of spring represents the birth of life, love, planting your seeds, and growth. This moon is good for setting the tide for the year to come. Now that winter will be leaving us (hopefully), we can begin to clean out old energy and welcome in the new. This moon will be good for shedding and cleansing away unwanted energy, in order to make space for new energy, which you will not receive without clearing away the old.

This full moon is in Scorpio with an influence of Neptune. Neptune encourages imagination and spiritual growth, while Scorpio connects with deep emotional connections and secrets. Both very intuitive connections, opening up flood gates to old emotional energies that will need to be released. If you are looking for a good shed of winter and considering growing a new skin for spring with a fresh start, than this full moon would be great to take advantage of!

What does the moon represent?

-The phases of the moon represents life / death and the passage of time (waxing and waning)

-Feminine energy of yin and yang

-Maiden, mother and crone (daughter, mother, elder)

-How we react to our situations (astrology based)



-The intuitive self.

This meditation will be a strong energy with a heavy influence of the moon, the full moon is the time to harvest and reap the benefits of the new moons energy. The New moon sets the stage for the full moon and the full moon completes the cycle until the next new moon. We will also be tying in the astrological aspects of the full moon and how the other planets are affecting this transit. The manifestations of the full moon will build on top of the new moons phase. We will evaluate our past couple weeks and learn what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm
Facilitator: Adelle Rodger; Cost: $15