SOUND BATH for your Soul Path

These sound baths offer you the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world to go inward and connect with yourself and your soul.

Sound is a universal language and has the ability to alter moods, and emotions as well as helps you shift into your parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn allows the body to integrate these vibratory frequencies to work on a cellular and molecular level.

Sound Baths include one one one energetic activation, guided meditation, discussions on cosmic awareness and time for sharing.

Dress comfortably

-A yoga mat, blankets and anything else that will make you comfortable. you will be lying down.

-A water bottle, mug (fluids act as a conductor and assist in purifying the body.)

- A journal. You may wish to write down your experiences.

- Open heart & open mind.

November 9 - 6:30pm-7:45pm
The Divine Mine North Location
8650 112 Ave NW, Calgary, AB
Cost: $25 (cash only)

Please call The Divine Mine South Location to reserve your spot. 403.279.9555