Steve Gignac

Hi! I’m Steve!

My journey started in 2014 when I experienced a shift in consciousness. It left me questioning who I really was and desiring more out of life. In 2015 I left my hometown of Windsor, Ontario and ventured out here to Calgary. It gave me a fresh start and the space to explore and deepen my connection with myself. I started using meditation as a tool to expand on my connection with self. Through success in guiding my own inner journeys I was inspired to explore helping others also expand on theirs. In 2017 I started connecting with people through social media and began guiding others through meditations. I found much success with the people that I was working with and continued to fine tune my skills over the past several years. I found The Divine Mine in 2017 when I was seeking a place with tools and people that could help me expand and grow. I started attending many of the meditations and workshops that were available and gained many of the tools and knowledge that I still use in my practice today. Through my interactions I became acquainted with the staff and practitioners and I took the opportunity to become a part of The Divine Mine’s team in January 2020. Now in 2023 I am ready to expand upon my work with others and bring everything that I have learned in my journey to the table. Whether you are on a divine journey, feeling called to expand your self awareness, curious about getting into meditation, or you just need to relax for bit, I am here to be of service. All that is required are intentions, an open mind and an open heart.