Super Blue Blood Moon Meditation

A super moon is when the moon is closest to the earth and appears 14% bigger. What does this mean for us? We all know the affects of the moon on the planet strongly coincides with our oceanic tides due to its gravitational pull. The moon also has an affect on us, majority of the time it influences our emotions. Our emotions is a strong driving point to our decision making. Every moment of each day we are making decisions and our emotions will be the major deciding factor on how we "feel" about a situation or reaction. With the moon being to its closest elliptical orbit to the earth; we will be feeling that extra 14% impact on ourselves. Especially those who are a bit more empathic than others.

A blue moon is when we have more than one full moon within a month. Which is not a common occurrence. 

What is a blood moon? A blood moon is a lunar eclipse, it's called a blood moon because of the colour the moon will show a red or orange shadow (of the sun) instead of the common yellow / white colour. This will be the first eclipse in this cycle, which brings in new beginnings to the year and playing out your seeds planted during the new moon phase on January 16, 2018. 

This meditation will be a strong energy with a heavy influence of the moon, the full moon is the time to harvest and reap the benefits of the new moons energy. The New moon sets the stage for the full moon and the full moon completes the cycle until the next new moon. We will also be tying in the astrological aspects of the full moon and how the other planets are affecting this transit. The manifestations of the full moon will build on top of the new moons phase. We will evaluate our past couple weeks and learn what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm
Facilitator: Adelle Rodger; Cost: $15