Tarot Workshop

The tarot can be a daunting study, 78 cards, all with different meaning and dozens of different card spreads to choose from, where do you start?  Carl has created a user-friendly method to learning the tarot with his 7 class workshop series.  And not to worry, after the introduction class you will leave with sufficient knowledge to perform a basic reading. 

Here is what the Introduction to Tarot will cover:

  1. What is the Tarot all about?
  2. Image interpretation
  3. Tarot spreads  
"One of the biggest misconceptions that cause bad reading practice is the idea that reading the cards is a matter of learning a set of fixed meanings and then applying them rigidly to all people and situations. It is as if Tarot were a computer code, a matter of cold logic. Tarot is a language of sorts, certainly, and any language must have a certain amount of structure and rigidity to have meaning. But in order to have continuing value, a language must be flexible enough for each of its speakers to "customize" it to their own needs." - Prospero

If you decide after the introduction that you want to become completely proficient in reading the tarot, Carl has broken down the Tarot deck into straightforward sections so as not to overwhelm his students. 

The Tarot workshop series course structure is as follows:
  1. Introduction to the Tarot - October 15th, 2022
  2. Major Arcana - Date TBA
  3. Tarot Suits: Swords - Date TBA
  4. Tarot Suits: Pentacles - Date TBA
  5. Tarot Suits: Wands - Date TBA
  6. Tarot Suits: Cups - Date TBA
  7. Final Interpretation - Date TBA

There are no prerequisites for these workshops, you can jump into this series of workshops at anytime.

Bring your own Tarot deck if you choose... but cards are not required for the workshop. 

Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm
Date: October 15th, 2022 INTRODUCTION
Location: ONLINE
Facilitator: Carl Klimuk
Cost: $52.50 per class

THIS CLASS HAS BEEN MOVED ONLINE - please pre-pay at the following link and we will send you the Zoom link you will need to sign in that evening closer to the date of the workshop.  Click here to register.
Please have Zoom installed on your computer ahead of time https://zoom.us/