Ticket to Change

Sean Liv is a Calgary based transformational coach and author.  As a certified Personal Trainer, Sean saw how doubt, fear and negativity caused her clients to backtrack in their fitness and weight loss goals. She also realized their wellness journey’s, were about more than just their bodies, but included their spirits and minds too.

That’s why Sean created The Ticket to Change Lifestyle Challenge, based on her philosophy and history. She has done many challenges over the years and the results are lasting. When she follows up with participants, she sees them becoming even stronger, living their lives with passion and truly practicing forgiveness, love and wisdom.

Sean also wrote her book The Ticket based on her own journey and those of her clients. Through The Ticket, Sean helps people replace negative belief patterns with encouraging ones, using their inner power to overcome struggles and make positive life choices. The Ticket is used as a guidebook for The Ticket to Change Challenge, the Race to Liv, and to feature our success stories on her TV program, Liv Daily. Each of the attendees will recieve a book on this retreat as well. Sean offers The Ticket to Change lifestyle challenge all across Canada, and has appeared on BT Calgary and in Distinctive Women and Guided Synergy magazine. Most recently, she has held the Ticket to Change challenge at the Ammolite Luxury Retreat at the Azuridge Estate Hotel, and appears as a co-host on Kim’s Kitchen and Calgary Homes and Lifestyles, seen on Calgary’s Shaw TV. Sean Liv is the proud host of The LIV Daily Show. She is a Transformational Coach, author of the book The Ticket and founder of The Ticket to Change Lifestyle Challenge. The Liv Daily show is upbeat, inspiring, and informative. Sean shares her enthusiasm and expertise in strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection, while drawing upon the experience of others, to show Canadians how easy it can be to find the power in their own lives.