Whether you believe in reincarnation, spiritual evolution, planetary evolution or not—you cannot deny that most people possess a deep-seated belief that we are here for a reason. For some of us, we realize the reason we are here after a major ‘wake up call’ whether its an accident, major illness, near-death experience or significant loss in our life.

Dawn James’ ‘wake up‘ occurred in 2003 when her life transformed from a burnt out workaholic to an intuitive conscious being. Shortly thereafter, she began writing about and teaching others how to raise their consciousness to create a better, healthier and more peaceful life and world.

Dawn will share the spiritual lessons she learned from her awakening, how to LIGHT-en our hearts and how we can live without creating more karma, based on her newest book
Raise the Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, and Freedom.

Her website: https://raisethevibration.ca

Date: Monday, September 30th
Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm
Cost: FREE