Witch Bottle Workshop

What are They

Witch bottles originated and prominently used in Europe for centuries, as a way to protect someone from ill wishes and negativity, or to attract love and marriage proposals. Many have been unearthed underneath homes, fireplaces, inside walls and ever around property lines. Nowadays, they have made their return to popularity as tool on your altar for ritual work, or as a way to help manifest certain qualities into your life like luck, love, protection, prosperity, etc. 

They are a bottle or small vial that has been filled with herbs, crystals, liquids, small personal objects, and anything that holds a magical potency. Once filled it is sealed with wax, and it becomes almost like a battery. The idea is that the content in the bottle is able amplify the intended attribute that your wanting to manifest, and recharges itself as long as the seal remains intact. Some say that when the seal breaks, it means that either you have attained your wish or the spell has completed. 

What to Expect

Provided in the workshop will be a glass bottle that you'll take home at the end of the night, herbs & crystals to fill your bottle, a petition paper to write your wishes down, sealing wax to contain all it’s magical goodness, anointing oil to use at home, and a sense of excitement for what your about to manifest!

Ideas to Manifest 

Artistic Creativity, Strengthening Intuitive Gifts, Attracting Love, Success in Career, Financial Security, Health, Peaceful & Protected Home, Luck in All Endeavours, Enhancing Dreams, Choose A Chakra, Connecting with Angels/ Spirit Guides, Connect with Elements, Purification.

Date: October 12th, 2019
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Cost: $45
Facilitator: Kaitlin Turcotte