Womens' Empowerment Circle

This circle of women is designed to provide a safe space for Women finding their way through major change and personal transformation. It is an opportunity to remember who you are, through self-awareness, compassion, patience, trust and love to reclaim your inner authority to feel empowered, supported, and BE PRESENT to LIVE each day. 

Every third Friday of each month there will be a short guided meditation, chakra balance with alchemy crystal singing bowl, and open  healthy discussion about personal challenges, and real solutions for living. The Universe has our back and this tribe is about learning to embrace Ourselves and each other with an open healthy heart.

You may be interested if you are moving through separation divorce, career transition, loss of a loved one or any other difficult life change. If you feel alone, afraid, frustrated, unworthy, sad, angry, victimized, guilty, anxious, excluded, like you don’t belong, misunderstood, tired and unsupported, alienated, unappreciated, separate, stuck, invisible, or you are in a state of self-doubt and have no idea what you need. We will make personal awareness key to move through self-limiting beliefs, and create viable opportunities through daily intention to BE you!

I AM Colleen Hurley, an Intuitive Healing Arts practitioner and Spiritual Mentor. I AM also a mother, sister, friend, daughter, and former-wife two times :) I have successfully survived two divorces, a career transition from Multi-Media Marketing & Sales to Spiritual Life Coach and the recent loss of a beloved sister to suicide and I AM a success because IAM still HERE! RESERVE your Space or for more details call 403-375-0585