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Gemini 2016

By Carl Klimuk, Astrologer, Master Herbologist & Wholistic Practitioner @ The Divine Mine

For All Signs:  This month, communication is the core theme. Express your thoughts, ideas and feelings, don’t bottle things in. This is a time of connection, so connect with people on both a personal, social and professional level. Stop hitting your head on brick walls, if you find yourself trying to go through that brick wall…don’t. Be like water or air and seek the path of least resistance, find another way. Don’t get stuck on routine, embrace variety and change, be flexible. Find time to laugh and look at the lighter side of life.


You’ve entered into a very socially active month Aries. This is a good time to connect with friends. So don’t be surprised if you’re getting invitations left right and center throughout the month or you have the urge to organize get-togethers at your place. This is a good time to do the opposite of what you normally would do, make this opposite month! The name of the game right now is to break the routine. Reinvent something about yourself or your life. Even though you’ll find yourself dealing a lot with others it’ll be important to make sure that you find a healthy balance between the needs of others and your own.


You may find this to be a bit of a hectic month Taurus. Try to be flexible as you may find yourself needing to constantly change your plans. Since you might feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions at once it’ll really help if you organize your time and energy accordingly. This is also a good time to try new things and break free of old habits or patterns. Make sure that you try to fit in some leisure time within your hectic schedule and try to get some extra rest whenever you can, at the very least try to keep a regular sleep schedule and naps. Connect socially with people and reunite with friends and family.


Happy Birthday Gemini!  Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little light headed or more absent minded than usual.  This is more of a spiritual month where you are supposed to engage in more spiritual activities, meditation and healing. Take some more time of if you can and spend some time reconnecting with yourself. Dreams are going to be particularly strong and meaningful, pay attention as messages and valuable insights may be revealed within your dreams now. It’s a good time to have a garage sale, clean out those closets, basement and attic. Likewise clear out any emotional or mental garbage from within yourself.


It’s time to plant some new seeds for yourself Cancer. This is a great month for you to start fresh and move your any areas of your life that are stuck or stagnant and move them in a new direction.  If you’ve been planning, thinking about or exploring something that you’ve wanted for awhile then this is a time for you to start acting on those plans. This is a month for action, initiative, decision making and doing. Reconnect with your physical body and health. There could be some money making opportunities for some of you while others may be spending more money investing in things that you need. Practice gratitude daily.


Well Leo, get ready because this is going to be an activity packed month. If you organize yourself properly then you’ll get more done in one month than you usually do in three! Be flexible and go with the flow, be like water and follow the path of least resistance. This is a good time for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings effectively. You’ll be in the learning mood now, enroll in a class or workshop, visit your local library, read a good book or watch something educational. Travel is favoured right now. You’re multi-tasking, make sure that you focus on priorities. Socialize and network, both personally and professionally.


You’ve entered into a domestic oriented sort of month Virgo. You may find yourself spending a lot of time doing things with your family or home. Connect with family or a family member that you haven’t seen in awhile, a good time for reunions. You could also find yourself doing repair work, cleaning or renovating. This is also a good time to balance your finances and take care of some debts. Investment opportunities may arise now. Some of you may be feeling a bit more sensitive or emotional now, this just means that you need to reconnect with your emotional body. Strike a balance between your needs and the needs of others.


This is a month of creativity and self-expression for you Libra. Spend time exploring creative activities. Think about what you want to create for yourself. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, this is a great time to get your point across. This is a beneficial time for all sorts of advertising, interviews and promotional activities. If you’ve been all work and no play it’s time to change that around a little. Find the time for play, at the very least spend more time with your hobbies or doing activities that give you pleasure and enjoyment. Watch a movie, see a play, find things that make you laugh, listen to music, paint, cook, anything creative will do.


A busy month full of twists and turns awaits Scorpio! Yes indeed in your schedule may seem a little hectic right now so it’s important that you be flexible with your schedule and make sure that you give yourself some time to rest whenever you can. This is also a great time to catch up on doing some of the things that you love to do especially if you’ve been burning the midnight oil as of late. It’s also time to look at the lighter side of life and to try and be more optimistic and thankful. Spend some time pampering yourself and treating yourself, make sure to honour your needs. Your wants, desires and needs are important too!


It’ll be a fairly routine oriented sort of month Sagittarius. You might find that this month moves by pretty quick, you’ll be busy no doubt plenty of things on your agenda. Work, work, work. Now, some of you may find that you’re having to deal with plenty of breakdowns this month. But, anything that does break down at this time are things that you have neglected, procrastinated about or shoved under the rug. This is a good time to focus on your overall health and well-being. Focus on improving your diet, sleep patterns and regular exercise. Look at any areas of your life that are unhealthy and start making changes.


It’s springtime and love is in the air for many Capricorns! If you’re single then this could be a great time to meet someone new, if you are already in an existing relationship then it depends. If things have been good then no worries this could be a time where things simply get better, rekindle that romantic spark. If things haven’t been that great or you have been struggling in your relationship then, well, let’s just say if you don’t use it properly you lose it! In other words, make changes, try to fix and repair existing issues. Also a good time for social networking. Opportunities arise to improve finances, pay down debts or set up a budget.


Your need for freedom and independence are strong this month Aquarius. Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to take time off from everyone and everything, this is especially true if you’ve been overworking yourself or carrying too much weight on your shoulders. So, don’t be afraid to tell people that you may not be available for a few days (or weeks!). Go for a walk more often, meditate, take some hot baths, get a massage, go on a vacation or weekend road trip, you get the idea! Some of you will be in the studying mood, enroll in a class, go to a workshop, read or watch something educational and learn something new.


There are a lot of career movements happening for you right now Pisces. Your career will be hopping this month, for some of you this just might mean that you’re a busy bee. For others, there may be career changes afoot. Whether this is simply you feeling the urge to restructure your career in some way or there’s restructuring going on at work. It’s time to organize yourself and put your dreams, visions and plans into action. Set some realistic and achievable goals for yourself. Organize your schedule to try and fit in all of the priorities in your life. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on building what you want.

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