Animal Communication

Why Animal Communication?

  • Support during Transitions (Passing over, loss, moving, household upheaval, new additions to the family)
  • Unresolved Health/Behavioral Issues
  • Facing difficult decisions regarding your animal companion
  • Deepening the connection with your Animal Companion.
  • Maintaining a connection after they have passed. 
  • Past Trauma

    Heather Faris

    Heather has been in private practice as an ARC Bodywork Therapist since 2003. Her experience as a BodyMind Practitioner and Intuitive provides a strong foundation for her work as an Animal Communicator. She studied Animal Communication with Georgina Cyr and Penelope Smith. Heather is committed to facilitating ways for people to live more embodied, heart-centered lives both personally and with their animal companions.

    Heather currently teaches Animal Communication workshops in BC and AB. 

    What is Animal Communication?

    Animal Communication, also called Interspecies Communication refers to telepathic communication between species.  We all have the ability to connect on a soul level with another being, human or ‘animal’.  Telepathic communication is the experience of connecting with another being from a distance in such a way that one may experience the thoughts, feeling, or general situation of another.  This experience is received energetically and can be interpreted through, words, images, feeling, thoughts, smells and direct knowing.

    We are all born with the capacity to communicate in this way with other species, as we grow up it is common for this ability to fade into the background due to our reliance on the spoken word. Opening up to Animal Communication is sometimes as simple as recognizing/becoming conscious that it is already happening, other times it is a matter of practicing and developing this ability.  Some of you may have experienced thinking of someone, then the phone rings and it is them.   You may be out shopping with a friend and wonder if they would like to go for lunch soon and in that moment they turn to you and ask “Do you want to go for lunch now?”  These are all examples of how we can and do connect on a deeper level with other beings, sometimes, so naturally, we don’t take notice.

    Using telepathic communication intentionally we can tune in on a deeper level and have conversations with our animal companions beyond body language and auditory signals.  This requires us to not only be open to the uniqueness and intelligence of all beings but also to open our hearts to ourselves and those we communicate with.

    If you wish to understand more about Animal Communication, please contact me about upcoming workshops or to receive a list recommended readings.

    To book a session:   Please call 250-661-7952 or Email:  heatherefaris@gmail.com
    All sessions are completed long distance
    Cost: www.heatherconnects.com

    About Animal Communication Sessions

    All my sessions are completed long distance.
    After I have received the information needed to start the session (see below) I book a time to communicate with your companion and a time to do a follow up call with you.

    Sessions vary depending on the individual animal, their situations and the reasons you have booked the session.   This is an overview of what it might look like.  Not all aspects are present in every session.

    Session Preparation
    Please send…

    • A photograph, preferably full body, with face visible and relatively recent.
    • Your animal companion’s name, age, gender and, if applicable, whether they have passed on.
    • Information as to the presence of any other animals in the house. (name, age, gender)
    • Where you live and a selection of quiet times that I can contact the animal.
    • Basic information about the situation and anything you would like to communicate to your companion.
    • Any questions you would like to ask.
    • Please let me know if you need an evening follow up time AND what time you are available starting from.
    • I encourage you to communicate to your companion that I will be contacting them. This can be done by gently getting your companion’s attention and speaking to him/her with words and if possible visualizing images in your mind’s eye, trust that they have received your intention/communication. 
    •  If you have any further questions please let me know.

    During the session with your Animal Companion …

    • I begin with a greeting and then introduce who I am and why I am requesting communication with them. If your Animal Companion is open to communicating, I start the session.
    • I often start with general inquiries to provide space for your companion to share their needs and concerns before delving into the more specific concerns, you as client, have expressed.
    • If health issues are a concern, with the animal’s permission I do a general body scan, using both intuition and specific questions to check overall health.  During the scan I use intuition to receive information about their physical body and follow with communication with the animal about how they feel in their body.*Note: I am not a veterinarian and not qualified to diagnose or treat symptoms.  I will offer my impressions and understandings of the situation but it is up to you to seek appropriate medical information/treatment.
    • I often receive messages for the person (client) from their companion that may not be related to their relationship but to their life in general.  Our companions are wise beings with insights and awareness’s that can be profound if not surprising to us.

    During the follow up phone call …

    • I relay the communications I received and provide space for questions and clarifications.
    • I receive communication from your animal through images, feelings, words and a sense of knowing. I strive to be as clear a channel as possible and will state clearly when I am adding my thoughts or interpretations. I sometimes receive words or images that don’t make sense to me but will make sense to you, the client.
    • Please have pen and paper ready to record the information during the call


    “Heather's communications with my companion dog before and after her passing led, with Heather's support, to a profoundly moving and transformative experience.  This had a major impact on my response to a diagnosis of lung cancer which I received a month after Jesse's death;  I was much more at peace and able to deal with my situation having shared such a connection with Jessie during her passing.” 
    - K. F., Counselling Psychologist



    “I am grateful to have had a collection wonderful experiences and insights through Heather’s communication with many of my animal friends.  While I have gained a greater understanding of my friends on a more emotional, physical and spiritual level, it is in the times of crisis when I have valued the support and perspective I have received from Heather.  Her ability to translate the information she receives in a heartfelt way is a gift that honors both animals and humans.”
    - C.W., Equine Guided Facilitator


    "Once Heather spent some time connecting with my Miss Pippa and shared with me what she learned, I could step back and know that I was giving her everything she needed.  The experience gave me peace of mind and created a closer bond between us."
     - LP, R.M.T.