Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an award winning therapy out of the UK created by Marisa Peer. Marisa has been a hypnotherapist for nearly 40 years, and through sessions with her clients, she developed tools which they reported back to be extremely effective. The basis is hypnotherapy then added powerful, effective tools which grew into a method that today is RTT. After creating RTT, Marisa became so busy that she could not keep up with the demand, so she began teaching others.

Since its creation, RTT has won numerous awards!!! It Is a quick effective therapy that allows the client to access the root/cause/reason for the issue/why they do what they do, to fully understand how this came about, and to then change the beliefs to be direct, specific, and focused congruent with their desired outcomes. The therapist guides the session using knowledge, skill, and a variety of tools, to result in empowerment, enlightenment, and freedom for the client. However, the client takes an active role in their transformation.

Many issues can be dealt with in 1-3 sessions, versus traditional talk therapies, where it can be months or years. Issues like anxiety, confidence, self belief, focus, motivation, depression, grief, public speaking, test taking, fears, and more!

120 minute session ..............................................$300
(plus 15 minute intake and 15 min follow up by email)


Renee Krizsan - Angel Reader, Reiki Master 

*We ask that you please read our disclaimer before booking a session.
**Please note that as much as we LOVE babies and children, but we do ask that you find childcare for your children when coming to a reading. We have other services happening at the same time in the store such as massage and like to keep the noise level down, and our staff is not able to watch your children while you have a reading, thank you for understanding.