Tarot Readings (south)

The Ancient system of the Tarot cards are keys designed to open the doors of the subconscious mind where the answers to your questions lie.  In the subconscious mind, there is no time; therefore it knows what has happened and what will happen depending on the path you take.  During a reading you choose your own cards and therefore answer your own question, the reader is simply there to interpret the cards for you. The tarot is not fatalistic, meaning you can choose to change the answer to your question by choosing to change your current life path.  

Many people refer to the tarot when seeking answers to important questions or for guidance in exploring ones true potential. Increased awareness naturally creates increased opportunity to develop your inner potential and transcend your limitations, making your life more productive and rewarding. A reading can be quite therapeutic and often leads to insights one wouldn’t find while only examining the conscious mind.

Things to Consider When Seeking a Reading

  • Be focused in your thoughts and prepare questions ahead of time.
  • Do not be afraid to ask how experienced a reader is. We know we have improved our abilities with experience.
  • Be open to the reader. People who close themselves off are more difficult to read, even if you are sceptical, try to have an open mind.
  • Remember the cards are to be used as tools for seeking inner awareness. When the cards are drawn you'll receive a picture of where your life is presently and how it is most likely to evolve based on your present state of consciousness. You have free will and can change your destiny whenever you choose, it is all up to you.
  • As most readers will inform you, we are not here to tell you what the winning lottery numbers are going to be. If we could do this, we are sure most of us would have tried by now.
  • What you can expect in a reading with us: Advice on relationships, career, health, friends and family members. The cards are amazingly accurate. They are also helpful in determining your spiritual path and state of consciousness. You can ask the cards specific questions with a more immediate time frame, but it can be read further into the future depending on the cards you pick. The cards can also go all the way back into your childhood and as far as five years into the future

30 minute reading.................................................$50
60 minute reading.................................................$80 
(you are welcome to bring a recording device to record the session)


Click here to buy an online tarot reading with Candice - we will contact you to book a time when receive payment.  You can also call the south store 403-279-9555 to book an online reading, once we have you booked we will send you an online invoice, when you complete your payment your information is forwarded to Candice so she knows when to contact you.


Candice Lynes - Tarot Reader, Reiki Master
Sabrina - Modern Day Witch & Healer

*We ask that you please read our disclaimer before booking a reading.

***Please note that as much as we LOVE babies and children we ask that you find childcare for your children when coming to a reading. We have other services happening at the same time in the store such as massage and like to keep the noise level down, and our staff is not able to watch your children while you have a reading, thank you for understanding.