Online Services

Many of our services are available online for those living out-of-town or those more comfortable receiving at home.  Our practitioners have a variety of methods to connect with such as Phone, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google duo, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.  Let us know at the time of booking what method works best for you.

You are able to book a reading one of two ways at the moment:
1. the good old telephone (readers will have their store location next to their name so you know which store to call).  South store: 403-279-9555 North store: 403-375-0585
2. purchase the service you would like online by clicking a service link below and then we contact you to book a time.

Here is what we are able to offer at the moment:

Carl Klimuk
> Astrology Reading 1 hour $120

Hannah Luft (south):
Palm readings $70/hour
Palm readings $50/30 minute
Reiki distance sessions $80/hour
> Dream Interpretation $50/30 minute
> Biomagnetic Pair Therapy First Session (distance) $150
Additional Biomagnetic sessions:
> Biomagnetic Pair Therapy 30 minute session.........$50
> Biomagnetic Pair Therapy 1 hour session.............. $80
> Biomagnetic Pair Therapy 2 hour session.............. $120

Kristyne (south):
Intuitive Reading $90/hour 
Intuitive Reading $70/30min 
> Intuitive Reading $150/90 minute
Angel Card Readings $90/hour 
Angel Card Readings $70/30 min 
> Angel Card Reading $150/90minute
 Past Life Regression $150 (1-2 hours)
> Hypnotherapy $150 (1-2 hours)

Sheska Chan (south):
>Intuitive Reading $90/hour 
>Intuitive Reading $70/30min 

Carmina (north):
> Tarot Reading $90/hour
> Tarot Reading $60/30min
Tarot Reading $30/15min

 Sabrina (north):
> Custom spell-work consultation $20/20 min (Sundays only)
> Tarot Reading $90/hour (Sundays only)
> Tarot Reading $60/30min (Sundays only)
> Tarot Reading $30/15min (Sundays only)
> House Cleansing $250 (within city limits)