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Managing Fears

By Kristyne Dahl, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor @ the Divine Mine

Fears are something every person alive has to deal with throughout life, so the question is...how do you deal with your fears?

Fears can be debilitating, paralyzing, they can cause some to feel powerless. This reminds me of a little saying “knowledge is power”, remember it? So here’s a little knowledge for you to take back your power:

You can overcome your fears if you understand that first of all fears are manageable. It has to be as everyone in the world lives with their own personal fears, yet look at all those people who have felt the fear and did it anyway. Some quick examples of these people are: Oprah, Bill Gates, & Elvis each and every one of these people had many fears the first time they appeared on TV, pitched the computer to buyers, or got up in front of thousands of screaming fans to sing. I guarantee you they all felt fear in the beginning of all the new ventures they have faced up to now in their careers.

Now empower yourself, it’s your turn to feel that fear and go ahead and do it anyway. Now of course the fears we are talking about are the kind of fears that hold you back from moving forward in your life, things like fear of public speaking, authority figures, or maybe fear of tests. This does not include fears that are dangerous or life threatening.

Do you understand why it is you feel this fear? It’s quite simple actually, it’s because at that moment in time you are lacking in confidence. You feel as though you can’t handle it, it being whatever task is before you. Please understand that this is simply a suggestion you have accepted along the way. You can reframe this suggestion into one that works for you and not against you. So, I am here to tell you that you can indeed handle it.  I am here to tell you can handle absolutely everything that comes your way. You may say to yourself “how does she know this?” I know this because up to this point in your life in one way or another, you have already handled everything that has come your way. The end result may not always have been what you wanted or expected, but you handled it anyway.

This is the year for us to educate ourselves, get the information we need in order to move forward and “maximize our potential”. Here’s the first step to overcoming the fears that have been holding you back:

Step 1- Tell yourself...“I can do it!” If you need to tell yourself this many times, as many times as you need to until you start to believe it.
Step 2- See yourself do it in your mind, in other words mentally rehearse.
Step 3 – Take action!

Pushing beyond your fears will allow for you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of and then some. You will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing rewards that await you.

Fears are born within the conscious mind, and this is where the “Ego” lies. Although it has been good to us, fulfilling its job to keep us safe it’s important to remind ourselves that the “Ego” and everything within the “ego” are synthetic, its man made. So remind yourself that this fear is synthetic to, you can disregard all that is synthetic as this serves to help you in creating the life you were born to live.

It’s time to live out loud, it’s time to get started on reframing these unhealthy beliefs into new ones, it’s time we all learn to feel the fear and then go ahead and do it anyway. There is a book I highly recommend called “Feel the Fear and do it anyway!” by Dr. Susan Jeffers. This is a book for everyone. Invest in yourself now....take your next step with a new outlook and I promise you will be happy you did. I look forward to hearing and seeing all the benefits from those of you who have chosen to go ahead and feel that fear, and then did it anyway.

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