Most people are familiar with their signs and of the entertaining if not always accurate horoscopes found in the daily newspapers. That is the absolute most basic and generalized form of astrology. To say what is going to happen to all Taurus's or Gemini's on any particular day is like saying what is going to happen to all Canadians, or all Americans on a particular day. 

what is real astrology? 

Real astrology requires some very specific information about you. Your date of birth, the year that you were born, the city or town of your birth and if possible the actual time of the day that were born. 

With this information, a birth chart or natal chart can be cast which gives the astrologer very specific & detailed information of you and only you. 

We are all unique, and just like your genetic code or DNA is unique to you, and only you, so the astrological birth chart is unique to you and only you. It is likened to our energetic code or soul's code. 

This unique code tells us about who we are, why we are here, our gifts & our challenges as well as what specific cycles of life we can expect to occur in the coming days, months & years ahead. 

the birth chart 

This is the backbone of astrology; this chart is created using your birth data and casts a picture of the sky showing where the planets & the zodiac signs were for the day, time & place of your birth. 

If you are going through certain confusions in your life in regards to money, love, health, identity, family, career or any other area of your life that you can think of including gifts & talents or weaknesses & challenges, then the birth chart is a wonderful guide to help you sort things out. 

Birth charts can also be a valuable parenting tool, showing you where your child’s strengths and weakness will lie, ultimately providing you with a greater understanding of your child.

synestry charts 

If you want to know more about a particular relationship with another person in your life, be it an intimate partner, friend, child, sibling, or other family member, a synestry chart can provide insight into the dynamics any relationship. 

Synestry charts basically combine the birth charts of two or more individuals to see how the unique & dynamic energies of the individuals relate & differ from one another. It allows us to better understand those people with whom we have a relationship with or are trying to have a better relationship with! 

transit charts 

If you are curious about the future then astrology is for you! Astrology is a wonderful tool to help us take a peek at upcoming future trends in our lives; it can allow you see days, months, years & even decades into your potential future trends. 

Transit charts basically looks at where the planets are traveling in the sky at any given point in time and compare it to your original natal birth chart. Thus allowing the astrologer to see how the traveling planets will affect the individual into the future. Astrology cannot provide exact details of future events, but it is an incredible tool to help us see into future trends & cycles in our lives. 

past life charts 

If you are curious about past lives, astrology can help provide you with clues as to who you were, where you've been, what you need to improve, learn, or fix and where you are going. Our souls pick up habits throughout our journeys, some good, & some not so good, skills learned & skills that have yet to develop. 

Astrology can help uncover these mysteries within our souls, and in doing so help us to navigate through this current life. After all, we are who we are because of where we've been and what we have experienced, and knowing where we've been helps us to know why we are where we are & where we may be going. 

An interesting tool at the astrologer's disposal is AstroCartoGraphy. AstroCartoGraphy takes your birth chart & superimposes it onto a map of the continents on the Earth. It allows us to see where our souls have left a mark on this planet. We can actually see on a map which continents on Earth your soul may have lived. 

This is also a great tool to help us find the current hot spots on Earth to make a home, enhance work or career, have or find romance or simply where to have a great vacation!  

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