Candice Lynes

Candice was introduced to natural magic and gained a deep love for the natural world at a very young age thanks to her Grandmother’s teachings. Many summers spent in the backwoods of British Columbia learning about nature and how to co exist within its loving embrace. This was the moment her journey along the Pagan path and her love for all things witchy began.

She has studied many branches of Paganism including Druidry, hedge witchery, shadow magic and Wicca and shares that knowledge as a co facilitator of the Witches Circle workshop series offered at the Divine Mine. She is currently expanding her knowledge and is enrolled in the Bardic grade as a member of OBOD: Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Always with a keen interest and a thirst for knowledge her first experiences with divination came early with friends; experimenting with séances, tarot and zener cards and expanding into even older forms of divine connection and knowledge through Runes and the Ogham (Celtic Tree Magic).

Other areas of study include Ancient Egyptian magic, Gods and Goddesses of many different pantheons, Sigil witchery, walking and movement meditation and moon magic.

Candice joined the Divine Mine team back in 2016 and has since taken the position of Inventory Manager at the South location. 

Candice received her Reiki Master certification in 2017.

Candice also keeps busy with her creative outlets such as Tribal Bellydance, jewelry and clothing upcycling and creation. She enjoys long hikes in the mountains, nurturing her green thumb with a love for gardening and dancing under the stars.