Dena Lazeroff

Dena Lazeroff is a registered massage therapist at the Divine Mine where she offers her skills in therapeutic, Swedish, Reiki massage and Hot Stone massage. Dena’s inspiration to become a massage therapist came after watching many close friends and family become sick from their stressful lifestyles.  So in 2007, Dena moved to Calgary from small town BC to enroll in a Massage Therapy program.  After competition of her intensive two year program Dena was eager to help others gain peace of mind and well-being through the incredible healing effects of massage and quickly found her talents to be very well received and has been working at the Divine Mine since 2010.  

Dena’s goal is to continue learning and adding modalities to her repertoire in order to offer her clients a truly holistic way to stay peaceful and healthy in this fast paced world.  In her spare time Dena loves to be in nature, whether it’s done spending time with friends and family, playing her guitar or just on a private adventure, she finds that it reconnects her and puts her in a great place to help others.

Dena has 1100 hours of massage training.