Hannah Luft

Hannah Luft has been a talented therapist here at the Divine Mine since 2010, offering her services of ReflexologyAcupressureReikiMyofascial Cupping Massage TherapyPalmistry Biomagnetic Therapy and Astrology.

While already having many modalities to offer she is also in the process bof completing her intensive massage therapy training program at Mount Royal College.  At the young age I of 8 Hannah knew she wanted to help others heal after she helped her mother recover from a car accident by giving her nightly massages.  

Hannah later became a Reflexologist in 2006 and then an Acupressure Therapist in 2007.  Life urged Hannah onto a spiritual path when her sister passed away at an early age; consequently in 2009 Hannah became a Reiki Master.  In 2010 Hannah decided to educate herself in different forms of massages and got certified in Raindrop Therapy massage and Hot Stone Therapy massage.  In the fall of 2011, Hannah decided the path of a teacher was where she wanted to take her healing next.  Hannah graduated the 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training March of 2012 and the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training spring of 2021, and teaches Yoga Nidra as a form of healing at The Divine Mine.  In 2021 Hannah’s path as a healer took a drastic change again.  She studied and got certified in Medical Biomagnetism with Iridology to treat all forms of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.  Combining her skills as a Reiki Master using Rainbow Ray Energy, Reflexologist, Acupressure Therapist, Raindrop Therapist, Hot Stone Therapist, Myofascial Cupping Massage Therapist and Medical Biomagnetic Therapist Hannah can help those heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.