Intention in a Bottle

Tarot with a crafty twist!

Incorporating elements of the law of attraction with grounded earth energies through plant and crystal energy one can create a talisman or altar to house the physical representation of a seed or intention they want to manifest.

In this reading we will use tarot to pinpoint beneficial energies that will help you work toward your goal. Taking note of the supportive elements and archetypes and how they can best assist you as you plan and navigate your path toward manifestation. We will also unmask any potential challenges that may impede your progress.

Once we have a clearer picture of what the path looks like, now we set the intention. With a custom blend of herbs and resins mixed together with crystals and metals to boost and amplify the power of the intention, we set them in a bottle and seal it with wax. Creating a physical representation of your intention, a seed.

This is yours to keep. Something to focus and remind you of your goal. It is small and beautiful and is meant to be kept close. On your altar, desk or windowsill. Somewhere you will see it and like a good friend it will keep you moving forward on that path to completion.

60 minute session .................................................$90 
(you are welcome to bring a recording device to record the session)

Candice Lynes - Tarot Reader