Karuna Ki Reiki Practitioner

Instructor: Hannah Luft
Cost: $175 + GST (8 course hours)
Location: The Divine Mine. Call 279-9555 to register, space is limited. 
Time: Sunday 9am - 6pm 

Karuna Ki Reiki is the next level after Usui Reiki Master. Karuna Ki Reiki is a hands on healing technique where one connects to loving compassionate life force energy from source to heal and balance another and oneself. Karuna Ki Reiki also helps one to connect with the enlightened being, Kuan Yin. The aspects of Karuna Ki Reiki include: Instruction and Practice on the Twelve Symbols, Hands on Healing techniques, Meditations to heal the ego (Karuna Ki Do), Chanting (Toning), and Instruction on How to Teach Karuna Ki Reiki.

When learning to be a Karuna Ki Reiki Practitioner, there are two levels to complete: Karuna Ki Reiki Practitioner Level One and Karuna Ki Reiki Practitioner Level Two.

Class manual through e-mail and certificates are included.

Prerequisite: A student must be a Usui Reiki Master and must be able to draw the Usui Reiki Level II and Usui Reiki Master symbols in order to take this class.