Kristyne Dahl

Kristyne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic and Ordained Minister/Spiritual Counsellor. She holds certificates in such specialties as: Joy Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy, Mental Coaching and Parts Therapy. 

After studying Hypnotherapy at several institutions Kristyne decided to add this remarkable knowledge to her work as a spiritual counsellor and psychic. An extraordinary compliment she felt hypnotherapy had to be added to her practice for the purpose of helping others quickly, easily and naturally. 

Kristyne has worked at The Divine Mine in private sessions for hypnotherapy, mental coaching, communicating with Spirit Guides & Angels, Angel readings, intuitive readings, past life regression & future life progression since November 2004. She has offered psychic readings and spiritual counselling professionally since 2001.

Kristyne is passionate about teaching others either personally for their own development or with those who want to work professionally in the field of Hypnotherapy &/or Spiritual Counselling.  As a public speaker she spends a great deal of time talking about a number of related subjects, she provides ongoing meditation classes & travels all over to conduct workshops and special events.  

In her private practice she works with clients for issues like: healing the past, depression, anxiety, phobias, healthy sleep patterns, improving memory, stage fright, learning problems, improving grades, improving athletic ability, and connecting with the Angel realm, and so much more.  

Kristyne is the founder of Crystal Clear Institute and is on a mission to fill the demand for outstanding professional training offered with integrity. She has created curriculum for the training of Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychic’s and Metaphysical Practitioners. She has also developed life changing personal development programs to help others help themselves, most of which are offered at the Divine Mine.