Ma Ananda Sanghavasini

Sanghavasini’s passion is in supporting each individual on their journey for the emerging of being to happen – for the being to Rise and Shine! Whether this is through a personal session, workshop or meditation. 

Sanghavasini has a strong drive to assist others through relating to her own experiences, knowledge and clairsentience. Her private healing sessions consist of energy treatments and intuitive life coaching in a space of presence.

Sanghavasini has been involved in energy healing since 1996 and has experience in various healing modalities including Usui Reik, Healing Touch, NEI (Neuro Emotional Intelligence), ARC bodywork and Energetic Clearing. She has spent nine months in India to participate in a program conducted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda and has done several more trips to India to continue her studies with Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Daily Nithya Yoga  and Meditation and initiation in Nithya Healing are some of the practices she has been taught during her visits.

Sanghavasini has been offering her services at the Divine Mine since 2004.