At a young age Sabrina knew she had a connection to the otherside, because she could sense energy and see with spirits. Her thirst for knowledge and teachings from being a legacy witch, she continued her journey into this spiritual world. Back in her hometown in Ontario, her first work experience was as a volunteer in an occult shop, where she would be paid in crystals and other tools that gave her an opportunity to further herself in divination and healing. Which eventually led her to Reiki, where she got her accreditation with the Canadian Reiki Association. When her path took her to Calgary, she joined Pagan groups and schools to strengthen her talents and found her purpose in life. She came to understand her gifts, and started a mentorship with a Theta Healer. From there, she was able to hone in on her Mediumship and Channeling skills. Coming to Divine Mine she started out as staff, where she was able to talk with like minded individuals that gave her more perspective into this magical world. Now she is Assistant Manager, and is able to display her skills. From crystals to tarot, moon magic to spell casting, this well practiced witch runs the Witch Tip Nights here at the Divine Mine! 

@ modernwitchalchemy