Sheska (Suki) Chan

Intuitive Empath, Healer, Reiki Master & Medium

As 2020 comes to a close, I realized how much we had changed as a “collective consciousness!” I found most people and clients I talk to feel this heightened awareness and they were looking for answers.  

Suddenly, it was acceptable that I have the ability to tap into and talk with anyone in their energy field and I could relate messages between them. How easily I can scan their energy body for health and for past life information that may help resolve long standing issues in this lifetime!

Results were moments of clarity how “Energy” is who we are and moments of understanding how our repressed emotions and traumatic events from our past could cause blockages in our physical and mental body and that I have the ability to help release them!  

The impact of Covid-19 was devastating to some and left behind a trail of pain and others felt pressure and stress that led to fear when they couldn’t control what they saw as normal. To me, Covid-19 also opened doors to change and to heighten awareness, perhaps it was a wake up call, either way, we will never be the same.

Sheska offers:

Intuitive Readings, Chakra Energy Activation, Past Life Readings, Reiki, Remote Intuitive Reading.