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Aries 2016

By Carl Klimuk, Astrologer, Master Herbologist & Wholistic Practitioner @ the Divine Mine

For All Signs  
Aries heralds the beginning of the spring season. It’s a time of birth, new beginnings, fresh perspectives, creativity, courage and bravery, decision-making, moving in new directions, action and initiative, focus on building your physical health and focusing on your strengths.

Happy birthday Aries! Well it looks like you’re going to have a busy month. There will be plenty of work for you to do in every area of your life, don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to do a lot of fixing and repair work this month. This is a good time for you to refocus your attention on your health, whether it be a cold or flu that stops you in your tracks and forces you to take better care of yourself or you’re in the mood to make changes to your diet and exercise patterns and habits. This could also be a time for you to improve the overall health of your relationships. There will be plenty of social activity, this is a good time for all sorts of social and professional networking. For singles romantic opportunities may arise, for those in relationships find ways to enhance, rekindle or repair romantic feelings.

There’s lots of financial stuff happening around you Taurus. For some of you this could be a good time to change the way you make or earn your money. Others will find financial or money making opportunities arise. This is also a time to refocus how you’re using your skills, gifts and talents. Resource management will be one of your focal points this month, in other words how you use everything from your money, your time, energy or skills. Some stuff from the past may resurface now, basically anything that wasn’t dealt with properly may come up now so that you deal with them in the proper way. This is a good time for all sorts of study and research work. Secrets may be revealed. This is a good time to lay down the foundations for a new future. 

Study and research will be key themes this month Gemini. This is a great time to engage in problem solving, if you’ve had some issues that have been bugging you as of late this could be a great month to resolve them. You’re also looking at your life right now and trying to figure out what you need to keep and what you need to let go of, detoxify or release anything that is holding you back from where you need to be. This is also a good time to manage or balance your finances. Some doors could open at this time for you to bring in extra income, make more money, or even change how you make or earn that money. This is a time where you have to trust yourself. Trust issues may arise. Express yourself, be seen and heard. A good time for all sorts of promotional activity, or advertising.

Independence and freedom are key themes for you this month Cancer. This is a good month to travel, whether it be taking a nice long vacation, some weekend getaways or simply some more time off. You’ll be in the studying mood, read more books, sign up for a class or workshop, watch something educational or learn some new skills. This is also a time where you need to make sure that you’re being true to your philosophy. Growth is one of the key themes for you this month. This is a good time for you to expand and grow in any area of your life that has become stuck or stagnant. As such this is a month where you might find yourself confronting and removing those obstacles that are hampering your growth.

All work and very little play will be the norm for this month Leo! Yes, this will be a busy month no doubt. Your career will be a major focal point, advancements can be made, problems can be solved and your skills will be put to the test. This is also a good time for you to demonstrate your skills, experience and capability. This is a month of responsibilities not only in your career but also other areas of your life. You will be asked to find a balance between your professional and personal life. This is also a time for you to review your commitments and make sure that you’re able to commit to them, don’t spread yourself too thin. This could be a time where you are getting the recognition for your efforts. Be mindful of your actions, since everything has a consequence.

How about a little bit of chaos? Or maybe some revolution? Virgos are typically known to be creatures of routine and habit, well Virgo this is a month where you’re supposed to break some of your own rules! Don’t be afraid to try something different or new. In fact, this is a fantastic time to break some bad habits that you might have and to create some good new ones. If you’ve been needing to change some aspect or area of your life this is a great time to do it! Your head will be full of ideas, you’ve entered into a very creative month for you. This is also very social time so don’t be surprised if you’re getting invitations left, right and center. Connect with friends, family or coworkers. A good time for networking. Reinvent yourself or your life in some way. 

Well Pisces for some of you this is a month of new beginnings, planting new seeds and moving in new directions. This is a good time for you to make some decisions for yourself. If you’ve been spending far too much time contemplating, studying or reflecting this is a month of action. You have green lights to go! Other Pisces might find themselves contemplating on where they want to go. Don’t be surprised if some of you find that you’re doing a lot of soul-searching and reflecting on where you want to go. A blast from your past might come up to remind you of something or it could just simply be that you need to take care of something that wasn’t dealt with properly. This is a good time for all sorts of healing work as well, dreams and psychic energy are stronger than usual.

Well Scorpio you may not be in the working mood this month. One of the big reasons is that this is supposed to be a month where you need to pamper yourself more than usual. Some of you might be feeling well, a little lazy. Try to get some much-needed rest this month. Get a massage, go out and do some leisurely activities, have a nice bubblebath surrounded by scented candles and a cup of wine. And while you’re at it why not have a slice of cheesecake just for good measure? You get the idea! This is a month where you just need to reconnect with some of the pleasurable aspects of life. You’ve earned a little bit of rest or at the very least you need to find a balance between work and rest. 

What you want to be when you grow up Sagittarius? In other words, the question that you need to be asking yourself this month is where is the best place for you to be in order to truly be fulfilled, happy and healthy? This is just one of those sorts of months where you have to go through your checklist of yup this is where I need to be or nope time to make some changes. Also, for those of you that have been burning the midnight oil you’ve earned some R&R. So make sure that you make time for all the stuff that you love to do with that give you a little bit of pleasure and enjoyment. Money stuff could come up this month, some of you might find a nice financial increase while others find that they have to spend some more. Use your money wisely either way.

It’s going to be a bit of a crazy month for you Capricorn. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself multitasking and being pulled in every direction. You’re going to have to get organized and budget your time and energy. If you do budget yourself well then you’ll be surprised as to how much you get done this month. At times it may seem that everything is happening at once which might be a bit frustrating. You’re going to have to pick and choose your priorities. This is a good time for all sorts of communication, so if there’s something that you’ve been meaning to say or communicate to someone this is a good month to do so. This is a highly active social period, and you can benefit from all sorts of networking opportunities. 

This is a great month for you to lay the foundations of something new Aquarius. You’ve entered a good time for the planting of things. Get back to your roots, your essence. Reconnect with your domestic life, spend time with family or simply lounging around at home. Work on home renovation projects or work on fixing and repairing any long-standing family issues. This is also a favourable time for the buying and selling of property or real estate, whether it be land, a house, furniture or appliances. Reconnect with your emotions, have that heart-to-heart with someone that you’ve been meaning to get closer to. Trust your feelings, your gut instinct will be stronger than usual. Spend some time nurturing those in need around you and equally have some alone time for yourself.

Your creativity is at a peak right now Pisces. Let your creative juices flow unhindered, destress yourself or express your spirit through something artistic or creative. Paint, write, listen to or make music, dance, cook you get the idea. Don’t be afraid to be generous this month, both with others and yourself. Find a balance between giving and receiving. This is also good time to entertain others or to be entertained. Loosen up and try to focus on the lighter side of life. This is also good time to sell, promote or advertise. This is a time when you might have to look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you like what you see, if you don’t then make some changes. This is a great time to undergo a personal makeover either to yourself or to any aspect of your life that needs a fresh new look!

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