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Taurus 2016

For All Signs:  This month, refocus your attention to your core values. Manage your resources more efficiently such as your money, time, energy or skills. Find the time to reconnect with the things that you love to do. Try to simplify your life. Slow down, smell the roses. Appreciate all of the wonderful blessings in your life, and give thanks and gratitude as often as you can on a daily basis.


Don’t be surprised if it’s a bit of a crazy month Aries. This is a month where you are being asked to break some old habits. Whether they be bad physical habits or psychological or emotional patterns that need to be changed. Shake up your routine, do something different and unique. Think outside of the box. Do something that you normally wouldn’t do, in fact you might just find that you get rewarded or you experience “good luck” when you do the opposite of what you normally would do. So this is a good month to take some calculated risks, not foolish risks mind you but calculated risks. Get out and be social, this is a good time to connect with friends and social circles. Reinvent something about yourself that needs a makeover.


Happy Birthday Taurus! Okay Taurus it’s time for a bit of a vacation or at the very least a well earned rest. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep, and that includes a nap or two during the day. This is a good time to reconnect with the spiritual side of life. Reflect and review your life to make sure that you are in alignment with your dreams and visions. This could also be a time where the past might come back for review, in other words if there were certain doors that weren’t closed properly, issues that you didn’t deal with properly or matters that you’ve been procrastinating about or putting off then these issues, circumstances, situations or people may crop up at this time in order that you deal with them properly. Let go and release anything that is burdening you, live life more lightly. 


Okay Gemini, it’s time to start fresh. You’ve entered into a month of seed planting. This is a good time to begin anything, to initiate and to move in new directions. It’s time to lay down some new foundations. It’s time to stop thinking, planning, procrastinating, studying, researching or exploring and time to start doing! This is a month of action and initiative. This is also a good time to reconnect with your physical body and your overall health. So this is a great time to start some new positive health habits. Try to find the courage to confront anything or anyone that you have been avoiding because of doubt, insecurity or fear. Your creativity is soaring this month, your powers of manifestation are strong now. Be careful what you wish for!


Your finances are in the crosshairs this month Cancer. For many of you this could be a month that brings some really nice opportunities for financial growth and development. This could come in the form of a new job, a pay raise, getting accepted for loan are receiving money back that has been owed to you. For others this could be a time where you are spending more money than usual. Maybe you’ve been planning on making a major purchase, or you simply want to indulge a little and get something that you’ve been having your eye on for a while. So whether you are spending some money on an investment, fixing and repairing stuff or buying some new clothes or a piece of furniture some of you may find that there’s a little bit more money going out than coming in. Either way, make sure that you budget appropriately. 


You have a busy month ahead of you Leo. Some days will feel like you’re stretched thin for both time and energy. Your multitasking skills will be put to the test, don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to juggle a variety of different arenas of your life at the same time. So it’ll be important that you prioritize your commitments. This is a socially active month try to connect with your friends and or family. Many of you will find this to be a highly active month domestically where you are spending a great deal of your time and energy focusing on matters close to home. This could be a time where you’re doing a great deal of repairing, renovating, buying or selling property or you could be focusing on family matters or issues as well.


Well Virgo, spring is in the air and romance may be blossoming! For singles this may mean a new romantic opportunity opens itself up to you, now whether you choose to pursue it or not is entirely your call of course. For those already in relationships this is a time for you to reignite the love flame or get some counseling and fix some issues. For those of you who are in a position where romance is not a priority then this is a time for you to reconnect with self-love. All Virgos will experience a heightened boost of creativity at this time and you will have the urge to create something in your life. This is also great time to be seen and heard, so a beneficial period for interviews and presentations. Express yourself in an honest and genuine way. 


If there’s been something on your mind or you’ve been meaning to talk to someone for awhile then this is a good month for you to express yourself Libra. This is a time where you are reminded of the value and importance of honesty, be honest with yourself and in doing so you are then honest with others. If you’ve been overworking as of late or have been burdened by a great deal of responsibilities, then try to find the time for some leisure or fun activities. This is a good time for makeover, try some new fashions or hairstyles. Express yourself with more confidence and style. Reconnect with children or your inner child. This is a good time for promotions and advertising. Be more generous with both yourself and others.


In many ways, this could be a fairly routine oriented sort of month Scorpio. You may find yourself very busy at work, maybe more so than usual. This is a fixer-upper sort of month so don’t be surprised if you encounter quite a few breakdowns or things breaking down. This could be everything from repairing the car, the toilet, a computer or a relationship. This is a good month to focus on your overall health and well-being. Focus on improving your diet, get more exercise and sufficient sleep. Many of you will find that your skills and expertise are being called upon or put to the test. Clean and organize any areas of your life that have been neglected. This is a good month for planning and budgeting. 


Your focus this month Sagittarius will revolve around relationships of all sorts. You’ve entered into a good time for all sorts of social and professional networking. This is a great time to create new and meaningful connections. This is a good time to repair any relationship that has been strained, create new relationships, distance yourself from or remove any relationships if need to be. This is a good time for all types of negotiations and contracts. Try to have a balanced perspective, empathize and try to see both sides of the coin with any issue. Reconnect with harmony and peacefulness, immerse yourself in serene environments. Try to be a peacemaker in your life, try to find win win solutions. Beautify yourself or your environment. Cupid’s arrow may strike some of you, reigniting existing love or bringing in someone new. 


You have your thinking cap on this month Capricorn. You may find yourself doing a lot of studying right now. Research, analysis and investigation work may uncover many answers to long-standing questions that you may have had. Secrets may be revealed at this time. You may benefit from the help or advice of others. Since this is a problem solving sort of month don’t be surprised if there are a higher than usual number of problems that arise! Any problems that do arise however are problems that aren’t new, rather they will tend to be issues that haven’t been dealt with properly in the past or that you have procrastinated a great deal on. This is a month where you have to trust yourself. Opportunities for financial gain may arise for some of you, others will be spending more on investment opportunities or repair work.


Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing a lot of thinking about the future this month Aquarius. There may be a great deal of pondering or reflection in regards to the direction you want to take. So because of this you find yourself exploring many options and choices. Kind of like flipping through the brochures of life options! This is a good time to travel, whether it be a nice little weekend getaway, road trip or a nice long vacation. Many of you will be in the studying mood, take a class, enroll in a workshop, read a good book or simply watch something educational. At the same time your career is extremely active now and you’re being thrown a great deal of responsibilities your way. A good time for career advancement or making changes to your job.


Some foundations that you thought were strong and stable may show signs of rumbling beneath your feet at this time Pisces. You’ve entered into a testing sort of time. This is happening because you are being shown which areas of your life have strong structures and which ones are weak. Basically, you need to prioritize what’s important and what isn’t, what you need to keep and what no longer serves a purpose. This is also very socially active month where you may find yourself spending a great deal of time within your social circles. Breaking some old or bad habits is never easy, but if there are any that you have then this is a fantastic time to do so. Shake up your routine, try something new, reinvent yourself and try different approaches.

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