The eyes are truly the windows to the soul...and also to your body! Through an examination of the various patterns and structures within the eye (specifically the iris or the colored portion of your eye) we can derive a significant amount of information as to the inner workings of your body.  Iridology can identify areas of stress, inflammation, congestion, circulation and general constitution.  This can aid us in helping to identify, pinpoint or confirm the nature or cause of many physical imbalances or conditions.  The knowledge obtained can be an excellent compliment to any treatment program that may already be in progress. A variety of potential complimentary treatment options is then given, through the application of dietary recommendations, medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, and or other nutritional supplements.  Iridology is not meant to diagnose, rather it's strength lies in helping you to become more aware of your body & how it is functioning.

60 minute consultation ................................ $70


Carl Klimuk - Astrologer, Master Herbalist & Wholistic Practitioner 

*We ask that you please read our disclaimer before booking a session.

**Carl is also fluent in Spanish if you would prefer to have your reading in your native language.

***Please note that as much as we LOVE babies and children we ask that you find childcare for your children when coming to a reading. We have other services happening at the same time in the store such as massage and like to keep the noise level down, and our staff is not able to watch your children while you have a reading, thank you for understanding.