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By Adria Laycraft, Customer Service & Workshop Facilitator at The Divine Mine

Shungite is a plain-looking black rock that is a combination of carbon and silicate minerals. It is found in the Karelia region of Russia, near the village of Shunga (hence the name), in ancient layers of Earth's crust…deposits that are 2 billion years old!

This amazing stone is composed of nearly all the elements of the Periodic Table, and according to astronomer Letizia Stanghellini may have provided the seeds for life. The miraculous claims around shungite healing seem to only deepen the mystery around how this rock originally formed. There are also theories it came to our planet on an asteroid.

The biggest news around shungite is the discovery of fullerenes--a molecule consisting of several dozens of carbon atoms that acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body. When this special molecular formation was discovered in shungite in 1992, it caused quite a stir and earned the founding scientists a Nobel Prize.

Please note, however, that even though Shungite has been shown to purify both water and air, it does NOT act as a filter for dirty or contaminated water. Instead, use it to create elixirs with clean water by letting the stone soak overnight before drinking, or wear shungite jewelry touching the skin to help with arthritis and other pain. It is also said to help with skin problems and offer protection from radiation, and can boost the immune system and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Like any black stone shungite is grounding, great for the first chakra and especially the Earthstar chakra between the feet. It is said to infuse the aura with light, offering psychic protection by only letting positive energy reach you.

Shungite has earned a reputation for excellent spiritual and emotional healing as well, especially to those severely traumatized. Called a stone-comforter, shungite defuses PTSD symptoms and brings new hope to the user. It was used to construct healing rooms in the Beslan School after children were taken hostage by terrorists and many died, and the results showed in the wonderful smiles as the victims recovered from the ordeal. There is a shungite healing room in the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy in Petrozavodsk, and another in a prison in Russia where the guards rest to relieve tension and fatigue after their shifts.

Shungite is apparently also a great choice for spiritual transformation. According to reports, it will shake you up and turn you on your head, challenging you in ways beyond what most people would care to consider. If you choose to work with shungite seriously, expect transformation on a large scale. Be ready for change, and know it probably won't be easy. It seems shungite is no gentle partner on the spiritual path, but rather a strong kick in the butt, a metaphorical 2x4 to the head when we need it.

As more crystal enthusiasts experiment with this ancient stone it will be interesting to see what we learn about how best to use it. In my own experience, I have enjoyed water elixirs and carrying this stone on occasion, feeling drawn to it more and more lately. Maybe my own spiritual 2x4 is on its way.

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