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The Power of Intention

By Ma Ananda Sanghavasini, Meditation Facilitator & Intuitive Life Coach at The Divine Mine.

Much has been written about the power of intention, and about how we create our reality. Documentaries like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep do we Know?!” and books like: “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer are becoming more and more main stream. In these documentaries the manifestation process is clearly described. I would like to share some experiences and insights based on this.

First of all: what is this idea of creating our reality? I do not wish to expand on the how and if it works as this is described in detail in the documentaries mentioned above. I am interested in sharing how we can use this knowledge to our and the world’s benefit and how we can apply this in a practical way.

Let us have a look at a beautiful quote by Buddha: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” This is such a powerful statement. With a simple look at our life and by examining our current situation, we can know what we believe consciously and subconsciously. We can see what believes we are holding on to through recurrent circumstances. “Where ever we go, there we are”. We cannot escape from ourselves. Even if we leave a particular circumstance or person, if we do not find out what the thoughts and beliefs are that created a situation, we will keep creating the same thing, over and over again, until we find the pattern and complete with it. In other words, Buddha’s statement mentioned above tells us that, whether we want it or not, believe it or not, only we ourselves are responsible for the reality we create.

This might be hard to believe as it is hard to describe in just a few sentences. Actually, it is extremely empowering if we take blame out of the picture. There is no use in blaming ourselves or someone else as this just drains our energy and gives our power away. The power lies in awareness. When we become aware, we will start to see where we are stuck, and the solution to change will just come intuitively.

Beyond this manifestation business, let us look a little more deeply. When we become aware of the art of creation and manifestation and start to create what we want, it is not even so much in what we are creating. The real joy and happiness lies in the deep surrender to our true nature, which is joyful and abundant, and relaxing into this state as we become conscious co-creators. When we become the conscious creator of our reality, we are experiencing our essence, our divinity. The true, lasting joy does not come from outer things, but from inside only.

We can still enjoy this dance of life, playing with outer world while established in inner world. The small “me”, the mind-made sense of self, relaxes into the true Self, or Atman. The realization might come that “I” am not doing anything, but merely everything happens through the Divine Grace. Then, even when things come and go, our inner state will remain peaceful, like the deep ocean that stays still in spite of what the surface is doing. Then, we are home in ourselves, no matter where we outwardly go.


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