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Life is for living

By Kristyne Dahl, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor @ the Divine Mine

As everyone knows life is not only busy but it moves at lightning speed. We all have our own responsibilities, family, work, friend’s, there’s little time for really living. Distractions bombard us constantly & it seems everywhere we look there are reminders of what we want but don’t have. This unfortunately is not living.

Did you know that in order to live your life fully, it’s imperative to disengage from the distractions that take you further away from what you desire. And these distractions are everywhere. Ideally one wants to redirect themselves away from the distractions by engaging in those things that bring you closer to your ultimate desires. 

When you live your life for others, for things or situations you are missing the point to living. The idea of living is that we embrace all of the opportunities this universe has to offer us. When we are really living we celebrate all of the opportunities to grow.

Did you know that being present without resistance is a secret to really living?
Here’s some more secrets about really living:

When you are really living you understand that there are some things you can change and some things that are out of your control. And when you have chosen to participate in this life and really live you choose to release your claim on people, situations and “things”. You focus on your life, the present and what you would like to bring into your life. When you are really living you understand that it doesn’t matter what others think or say, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, and it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have.

Think about it like this, when you are really living you are flexible, adaptable, and open. You release the rigidity of limited thinking. You in essence set yourself free of grouping, comparing or judging yourself and others. You release the need to resist and instead you embrace the opportunity to experience the miracle of every moment (meaning both the “perceived” good and bad).

Note - When it comes to the bad things in life by the way all you have to do is, become the observer and give yourself a chance to discover more about yourself without judgment. 

Than celebrate your experiences equally. Celebrate all of your lessons and be grateful to make the most of each moment for no good reason other than it feels a whole lot more fulfilling than the alternative.

When you are really living your life you know what matters is that you live it! No-one else can do it for you.  So be present,  expect the ideal results, focus & consistently work toward what you want.

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