• Mirror mirror….Turning relationships into “relationshifts”
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Mirror mirror….Turning relationships into “relationshifts”

By Ma Ananda Sanghavasini, Meditation Facilitator & Intuitive Life Coach at The Divine Mine.

In our lives we have many different kinds of relationships. With our parents, sibblings, children, friends, co-workers, even our pets. We relate to everything that surrounds us, therefore we can say that we have a relationship with all that surrounds us. How do we relate?

What most of us don’t realize is that what we are surrounded with, that which we spend most of our day doing is a direct reflection of our inner space. The outer world that we experience is a direct representation of what is going on in our inner world. As many people there are, as many different realities there are. Each one is unique. When we reside in lower levels of consciousness we feel that there is ‘us’ and ‘them’, that ‘they’ are always after ‘us’, always out there to get something from us.

Life becomes  very interesting and empowering when we realize that we literally are ‘all one’ as the saying goes, and that  every single person and situation tells us something of ourselves. Most of the time we are not aware of this, so when a challenging situation arises we might slip into ‘blaming’ mode.

We can pick this up as a spiritual practice: have a look at our lives and see: what is the common thread? What kind of people and situations are we attracting? And mostly; what is a repetitive theme? How does that relate back to our thoughts and believes? Especially somebody that triggers us is actually our greatest teacher if we choose to see them that way. It is up to us. We can make life a beautiful playground to learn and grow, or we can make it hell on Earth by refusing to have an honest look at ourselves and continue to blame others for our misery.

When we become aware, conscious, then relationships with anybody and anything can become a stepping stone to expand. We then become a participant of this beautiful dance called life and a blessing to the planet Earth.
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